Varsha-Jal Model Village

KFP RWH recharges well with potable water naturally by increasing ground water table


Varsha-Jal Model can replenish underground water-table of a village and thereby recharge Well naturally and provide clean drinking water for 200 years or say 7 generations.

Any village can be made water secured in just one time cost of Rs. 2000 per person* (basis min. 1000 persons).

well recharge by rainwater harvesting

KFP RWH - Well Recharge

Reliable Solution for Unreliable Monsoon

KFP Solution - Well recharge with naturally filtered water

KFP has the capacity to harvest 80% of the total rainfall. It stores the water underground in form of moisture…

  • For water security in a village of 1,000 population, KFP (Patented) RWH structures are made in 50 Hectares catchment area, near Community Well.
  • Within 3 years, ground water increases and Wells get recharged with potable water that is naturally filtered. The recharged Well can supply drinking water round the year ( if not diverted for other uses).
    Contrary to this, Wells that are directly recharged with rainwater does not have potable water and leads to water borne diseases.
  • Lifetime Water security at one time investment, with negligible maintenance & without submerging any land under water permanently

Jal Samrudha Gramin Bharat
Water secured village in just Rs. 2000 per person*
(basis min. 1000 persons)

One Time Cost for 200 years
No running cost • No Maintenance


Technical Feasibility


Social Benefits of Varsha-Jal Model Village

One secured source of water for a village leads to many allied social benefits