KFP RWH for Corporates & Industries

Industrial Rainwater Harvesting for Water Returns - Be Positive Water Balance with KFP RWH



Water Returns - A major Challenge ahead for Corporates & Industries
  • Government plans to introduce a system under which big industries will have to file ' water returns ', on the lines of income-tax returns.
  • Besides, the Government is also mulling the introduction of differential rates of water pricing for different categories of industrial users.
  • The annual water returns would include key parameters such as utilisation per unit produce, effluent discharge details, rainwater harvested, water reuse details and fresh water consumption, according to the 12th Plan (2012-17) document.
  • It also talks about setting industry-specific standards for promoting rainwater harvesting in industry, both within fence and beyond the fence, through incentives and regulation.

You can turn this challenge into an opportunity.

Reduce not just your Water footprints but Carbon footprints as well with KFP

Positive Water Balance - Within Fence
Harvesting more rainwater than annual water consumption right in your Industry.

  • KFP rainwater harvesting system harvests around 80% of rainwater which is very high compared to any other RWH system.
  • No precious industrial land will be occupied.
  • Rainwater recharging at a fast speed reduces load on Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) during monsoon
  • Forget water worries for next 200 years.

Water is directly percolated in the ground and at a very high speed. Firstly, water is stored as soil moisture i.e. Green Water. Once the field capacity of the soil is achieved, additional infiltrating water becomes Blue Water i.e. flowing water. It connects to underground water channels and increases groundwater level.

Thus the water in wells and bores increases. 

One Time Cost - Upto Rs. 15 per Kilo-litre *
for 200 years

No running cost • No Maintenance

Positive Water Balance through CSR - Beyond Fence
If you don't have sufficient space within fence, you can incorporate rainwater harvesting in your CSR activity.

  • You can adopt farms for water conservation (minimum area required – 50 acres).
  • The rainwater harvested is a reliable source of water for farmers which can be utilized throughout the year.
  • Even additional crop can be harvested due to increased moisture in soil.
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