KFP RWH for Large Urban Plots

Innovative RWH - single solution for Water Logging & Water Crisis

solution for water logging & water scarcity

Water Logging & Water Scarcity - end both the problems with one solution

KFP Rainwater Harvesting System

The trick lies in its innovative technique of storing water underground. This benefits in different ways -

KFP is a single solution for

solution for water logging Water Logging

The drainage systems of cities are not efficient enough. And there is immense load on it in rainy days. Water gets logged on roads and even enter houses.

Solution for water crisis Water Scarcity

Currently we are relying on water sources like - Piped water (irregular supply), Dry Wells & Bore Wells, Water Tankers(questionable quality of water). This water scarcity is because there is no water in the ground itself.

As KFP percolates 80% of rain underground, that too at a very high speed.
KFP harvests 80% rain with no evaporation & run-off losses. Thus increases Groundwater table.

KFP addresses urban water crisis & water logging
at Lowest One Time Cost for 200 years
No running cost • No Maintenance


Technical Feasibility

KFP rainwater harvesting RWH - solution for water logging & water scarcity

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