Rainwater Harvesting for Builders & Developers

solution to water security - RWH for new colonies


now give a major
value-addtion to your project
in less than

Rs. 1/- per sq. ft.

Current Scenario

Space for townships in the city is decreasing day by day and there is serious water problem in the outskirts of the city. No doubt, water security is one of the major criteria in choosing a house and thereby a major challenge for Builders & Developers. 

Water Facts

Whereas with KFP you can harvest 3 crore litres rainwater underground in 10 acre catchment area
A permanent solution for water security

Increase the underground water table by KFP for Re 1/- per sq. ft.

In just Re 1/- per sq. ft. you get -

Secured source of water for your residents
for next 200 years.

Creating USP (Unique Sales Point)
for attracting your customers.

Creating Water rich land
major value addition to your project.