adopt a farm / village and make it permanently water secured

Create Varsha-Jal Model Village

water security for village

Varsha-Jal Model can replenish underground water table of a village and provide clean drinking water for 200 years or say 7 generations.

Any village can be made water secured in just one time cost of Rs. 2000 per person* (basis min. 1000 persons).

For more details check Varsha-Jal Model Village

Adopt Farms Under CSR -

rainwater harvesting under CSR

  • You can adopt farms for water conservation by KFP rainwater harvesting (minimum area required – 50 hectares).
  • The rainwater harvested is a reliable source of water for farmers which can be utilized throughout the year.
  • Even additional crop can be harvested due to increased moisture in soil.
For more details check KFP for Farmers