Wonders of KFP RWH at Large Scale

one solution for multiple water problems

rainwater harvesting - solution to prevent drought
solution to drought

Solution to Drought


Increases Groundwater Level

Solution to Drying Wells - KFP can replenish the depleting water table of well with filtered water.

Solution to Drinking Water crisis of a Village - By harvesting 0.1 million (1 Lakh) cu mtr rainwater annually KFP can make villages tanker-free permanently.

rainwater harvesting for prevention of floods
KFP RWH for prevention of floods

Prevention of Floods

KFP rainwater harvesting - solution to unreliable monsoon
RWH - solution for unreliable rainfall

Solution to Unreliable Monsoon

KFP - rainwater harvesting increases groundwater table

Increases Groundwater Table

KFP RWH increases groundwater table
KFP RWH for Global Warming


rainwater harvesting for global warming
KFP rainwater harvesting saves electricity

Saves Electricity

KFP RWH saves electricity
KFP soultion for water crisis
KFP rainwater harvesting revives dead rivers

Can Revive Dead Rivers

KFP rwh - solution for water scarcity
KFP RWH - permanent solution for water scarcity

No Need to Inter-link rivers

KFP rainwater harvesting prevents sea water ingress
KFP RWH stops sea-water ingress

Stops Sea -Water Ingress


Solution to Food Crisis

KFP rainwater harvesting solution to food crisis
KFP RWH prevents soil erosion
KFP rainwater harvesting prevents soil erosion

Controls Soil Erosion

KFP rainwater harvesting provides drinking water

Reduces water borne diseases  

KFP rainwater harvesting - solution to water scarcity