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patented KFP Rainwater Harvesting Technique - solution that can match to the size of problem and that too in a lowest of cost

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Astonishing Facts

What Makes KFP ® RWH Work

4 Reasons for implementing KFP ® rainwater harvesting system


Harvests 80% of rainwater

Innovative Rainwater Harvesting Technique of Kedia Farm Pattern (KFP) has the capacity to harvest 80% of the total rainfall while all other RWH techniques makes upto mere 18%.

It recharges rainwater at a very high speed and thus forms an express highway connecting sky and underground.

Stores water underground

KFP is not a rooftop or surface type of rainwater harvesting but it's an Innovative Underground Rainwater Harvesting System. KFP stores water the Nature's way, i.e. underground in the form of soil-moisture. It is therefore free from all the limitations of the above-ground Rainwater Harvesting Methods.

  No run-off losses

  No evaporation losses

  No wastage of land
or making it dead by submerging under water

Permanent solution for water scarcity

Life of KFP is 200 years that too with no maintenance. Thus permanent solution for water scarcity at one time investment.

You can be assured of water
for coming SEVEN generations.


At Lowest Cost

solution for water scarcity at lowest cost


As the solution is for a lifetime, rather for more than 200 years, at one time investment and with no maintenance required, the investment for being water secured with KFP comes far less than the cost of bottled water.

One Time Cost -
Upto Rs. 15 per kilo-litre *
for more than 200 years

It is for You...

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Rainwater Harvesting for - Corporates |   NGO/ CSR  |   Farmers  |  Colonies / Townships  |   Large Urban Plots  |   Villages


Technical Feasibility

rainwater harvesting method rainwater harvesting system

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About Varsha-Jal

Vijaykumar Ramjilal Kedia endeavours to provide a permanent solution for water scarcity & depleting ground water level pan India.
Making India water secure & Drought proof is KRPL's guiding philosophy.

CIN : U25200MH1992PTC066693

It's Patented! no one can imitate it without prior permission.

Clients' Voice

rainwater harvesting in Aurangabad

The work carried out on our site has created a "OASIS" in a desert!

Kailash Bafna (Ten Miles, Aurangabad)

Varsha-Jal in News

solution to water scarcity

KFP Innovation Accredited by Govt. of India
Sept. 2016 |
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